xoves, 27 de novembro de 2014

Historia da Serigrafía, o libro de Guido Lengwiler

Imprescindible e maravilloso libro :
E tamén moi interesante a entrevista de INDUSTRIES CRÉATIVES a GUIDO LENGWILER que podedes ler neste enlace : http://industries-creatives.com/une-vie-en-serigraphie/

Alsacia ,1940
Fixer un film en découpe sur l’écran, Allemagne , 1951
Primeiras máquinas serigráficas

Foto: Some old screenprinting tables and shops from the 1930s in the USA.
1930s in the USA
 Foto: WEEKEND UPDATE!  From about 1930 into the 1950s, one of the most common stencil making processes was the iron on shellac stencil. Similar to rubylith in that it was cut with a knife, the image to be printed was peeled away, and once complete, an iron and heat was used to affix it to the screen mesh. It produced a much sharper image than the the 'old way' which was to paint the stencil directly onto the screen. Although we have made great progress since these photos were taken, it is interesting to note the principals and the the technique are still the same in 2013. That squeegee pushing 'ink' through a screen (with mechanization) now help produce touchscreens and solar cells, along with graphics, t-shirts, and billions of dollars worth of consumer goods.

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